You hate dieting and workingout but still mananging to do it to lose weight and look fit?  Stop that, Stop doing what you hate, here is a secret way to lose weight and stay fit without dieting much.

Yes the secret way referred above is from Indusviva Healthscience private limited INDUSVIVA ISLIM – Flat Tummies.

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Indusviva iSlim Bar Futuro organic

Fight obesity with Islim

An abnormal or excessive Fat accumulation in the human body that presents a risk to health is known as over weight or obesity. Having a body mass index greater than 25 results in obesity.

In order to help people with overweight/Obesity Indusviva Healthsciene private limited has manufactured a bar formulation including many kinds of natural herbal ingredients packed with a synergistic composition which has shown to fight cravings, boost fat burning and manage weight, the bar is INDUSVIVA ISLIM – Flat Tummies.

Indusviva Islim - Flat Tummies

Ingredients :

Coleus barbatus : It is a herb used in traditional medicine that helps to induce fat loss in humans, This herb raised fat burning capabilities by creating some enzymes.

Salacia reticulata: Studies have proved that this Indian plat root has anti-obesity effects and helps on weight reduction.

Sesamum indicum (Sesame Seeds): Sesame seeds help burn belly fat and lose weight the healthy way, These seeds are also a complete package of nutrients.

Indusviva iSlim benefits - Futuro organic


Indusviva iSlim Bar Futuro organic


Chocolate : It is a chocolaty way to reduce weight. Islim chocolate bar comes in exciting flavours one amoung them is chocolate

Mango : Experience the taste of exocit mango flavour in islim bars.

Vannila : Islim chocolate bars comes in 4 flavours one among them is Vannila.

Orange : How can there be persons who hate orange flavour, lose weight by satisfying your cravings

Benefits of Islim

  • The herbal extract present in i slim promotes weight management by inducing fat loss through a cascade of chemical reactions
  • This product is an excellent source of fibre which supports healthy heart, healthy circulatory system and reduces cholesterol level in the body.
  • Has the ability to supress appetite and support weight loss. It also retains good fat and eliminates bad fat.
  • The unique nutrient blend in i-Slim also detoxifies the gut and gives optimum nourishment to the body and helps us gain only healty weight.
  • Along with all other herbal extracts islim also contains other natural ingredients like plant proteins and nutrients. These are known to aid in weight loss while also flattening your tummies.
iSlim Indusviva Futuroorganic

Tips and Tricks for healthier weight loss

iSlim Flat Tummies is not a magic pill that will make you slim overnight. It is an Ayurvedic product that works best when complemented with the right diet and exercise. Also, there are few secret tips which might help you in getting to your desired size.

  • Add more greens to your diet plate to reach the targetted fittness
  • Avoid intake of white sugar as much as possible
  • Intake more soup which acts as a best appetizer to fill up
  • Maintain proper sleep routine, it helps in losing the unwanted fat.
  • Slowdown your eating time in order to avoid overeating
  • Choose wholegrains for your daily diet

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Indusviva iGlow

Tired of skin problems like acne, dryskin, premature ageing, dark circles etc? Here is the product from the house of Indusviva "IGlow". The team has developed a nutritious supplement Iglow that has shown to have skin-clearing, anti-aging benefits.

Indusviva iPulse

  • Indusviva Ipulse is a unique fruit drink that fights premature aging and improves cardiovascular health.
  • In today’s times, during this pandemic iPulse Juice is serving as a great immunity booster.
  • iPulse Juice certified by the Ministry of Aayush, Govt of India and is manufactured by Indusviva

Indusviva iSlim

  • Indusviva I slim chocolate - Flat Tummies for weight loss and healthy weight management.
  • AYUSH certified product
  • 4 flavours available in single pack
Indusviva Ipulse Juice | Ipulse Syrup | Ipulse health drink online


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Insuaviva Ipulse, Health drink and Ipulse syrup

Indusviva Ipulse Product

Ipulse is a healthy drink which is a blend of many super fruits. This ipulse juice helps to supercharge our health and assist in delaying of premature aging. Ipulse syrup is a natural and ayurvedic wellness supplement mainly for protecting heart health and boosting immunity. Indusviva manufactures this product in such a way that there exist several health benefits of Ipulse. All the indusviva product are powerhouse of health benefits. Buy ipulse health drink online @ Indusviva Store.

The healthy ingredients present in this drink help promote wellness and fights deficiencies. This energy drink is rich in essential carbohydrates, health-promoting vitamins, lipids, and protein. Hence it is an excellent choice for overall health and vitality wellbeing. One of the major ingredient in ipulse drink is the acai berry.  According to research Acai berry is the most powerful immune booster for our body.


  • This multi-fruit juice is rich in anti oxidants which is a super defense against free radicals damage and supports health management.
  • This antioxidant-rich blend also helps in the management of healthy cholesterol and boosting immunity.
  • The fruit ingredients present in ipulse syrup helps in the proper functioning of the respiratory system.
  • Ipulse juice helps in regulating fat, maintaining good cholesterol levels, and improves blood circulation. Therefore it helps protect from any kind of heart disease and promotes good management of healthy cardiovascular.
  • It helps reduce inflammatory problems in muscles and relieves aches and pains.
  • Above all, ipulse syrup helps to boost the immune system. Prevention is better than cure.
Ipulse reviews | Ipulse price in India

Recommended Dosage

People can intake 30ml of ipulse twice a day, daily half an hour before food. You can also mix it with an equal quantity of water if required.

Sideeffects of I Pulse

To date, not any specific concern or contraindications has been identified by regular consumers. Hence this product is free from any side effects.

Storage Instructions

Store ipulse health drink in a cool and dry place. Keep it out of reach of children. Regrate it before and after the opening of the seal. Shake well before use.

There exists several health benefits of Ipulse. Live healthy by consuming Indus viva ipulse syrup. Buy ipulse health drink  online directly from Indusviva store.

All other indusviva products like iglow, icoffee, Islim are also available.

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