Futuro Organic Balcony Gardening


What is Balcony Gardening and why balcony gardening?  In our modern urban lives which are so cut off from nature, the number of people yearning to reconnect is indeed growing. If you have ever yearningly looked at your bare shaded and semi-shaded balconies and window sills wondering if any useful plant might grow there, and who to turn to for guidance, this article is for you!

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Futuro Organic Ragi


Ragi – The Finger Millet is a variety of millet

Introduction to Millets : Idlis and dosas for breakfast. Rice for lunch. Chappatis for dinner In spite of there being hundreds of different edible grains in India, we mostly eat just a few varieties of white rice and wheat and rarely eat grains like ragi or other millets used in health mixes.

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