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Indusviva iCare

I. Introduction  - Briefly explain the concept of Ayurveda and its significance in natural medicine  - Introduce the unique natural

Indusviva iCoffee

Indusviva Icoffee: Are you a coffee lover and unfortunately diabetic patient too? No worries Indusviva Icoffee is the solution. By

Indusviva iGlow

Tired of skin problems like acne, dryskin, premature ageing, dark circles etc? Here is the product from the house of Indusviva "IGlow". The team has developed a nutritious supplement Iglow that has shown to have skin-clearing, anti-aging benefits.

Indusviva iPulse

  • Indusviva Ipulse is a unique fruit drink that fights premature aging and improves cardiovascular health.
  • In today’s times, during this pandemic iPulse Juice is serving as a great immunity booster.
  • iPulse Juice certified by the Ministry of Aayush, Govt of India and is manufactured by Indusviva

Indusviva iSlim

  • Indusviva I slim chocolate - Flat Tummies for weight loss and healthy weight management.
  • AYUSH certified product
  • 4 flavours available in single pack