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Kichili Samba Rice

Kichili Samba is a traditional rice variety which contains Low glycemic index and suitable for diabetics. This has a unique flavour which enhances the taste of sambar or curry when comsumed together.

Kullakar Rice

Kullakar rice is an Indian ancient rice and a variety of red rice. It is good for health and has many medicinal properties and health benefits.

Mappilai Samba Rice

It is par-boiled rice. It can be consumed everyday like normal riceLow carbohydrate and sugar contents than in other white rice make it as a good rice for diabetic patients Regular consumption of red rice cures nervous weakness and provide high energy

Navara Rice

Navara rice can be given as baby food for babies above 6 months of age. Navara rice food can increase babies weight. This is a natural energizer and safe weaning food for babies.