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Kerala Matta Rice

Matta rice or Kerala red rice, however, retains this outer coat for all its natural goodness. With increased quantities of minerals, vitamins, fibre and more, Matta rice goes for gold with its contribution to a healthier diet.

Kichili Samba Rice

Kichili Samba is a traditional rice variety which contains Low glycemic index and suitable for diabetics. This has a unique flavour which enhances the taste of sambar or curry when comsumed together.

Kullakar Rice

Kullakar rice is an Indian ancient rice and a variety of red rice. It is good for health and has many medicinal properties and health benefits.

Mappilai Samba Rice

It is par-boiled rice. It can be consumed everyday like normal riceLow carbohydrate and sugar contents than in other white rice make it as a good rice for diabetic patients Regular consumption of red rice cures nervous weakness and provide high energy