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Rice Flour | Arisi Maavu

Rice flour is a ground version of rice and is one of the staple food in India. People use it mostly for the preparation of all kinds of baked goods.

Futuro Health Mix

Futuro's Healthmix is a complete nutritional health supplement for all age groups, especially for pregnancy womens and children.

Kambu Flour

Organic Bajra flour has increasing demands since it is gluten-free. Also called black millet flour, it is a good source of energy along with being rich in fibre.

Mapillai Samba Aval

Being cultivated around south Asia during 16th centuries known for its high hemoglobin content and fight against Cancer.The flattened mapillai samba rice is known as aval

Ragi Flour

Due to its rich calcium content, Ragi flour is an important constituent of healthy snacks. This organically produced flour is free from additives and is used commonly to make dosas, idlis and pancakes.

Wheat Flour | Godhumai Maavu

Futuro Whole Wheat is ground using traditional stone flourmill, wherein flour retains all the nutrients of the grain. Rotis made using Futuro's Wheat flour are softer and tastier.

White Rice Aval

Futuro's white rice aval [Flattened rice] is an extremely famous breakfast dish. It is the finest quality prepared from excellence organic rice.