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Coriander Powder

Corriander powder adds mild flavour and aroma to sweet and savoury food preparations. Futuro Organuc's corriander powder were prepared by grinding slightly roasted crisp and fresh corriander seeds

Garam Masala

Dried up parts of aromatic plants like barks, rhizome, root, flower, fruit and seed form an essential part of Indian kitchen. Garam masala powder is a proportional mix of these spices which are all from Indian origin. Futuro's garam masala powder will not compromise in adding flavour, aroma and hot taste to almost all cuisines.

Idli Powder

Futuro's Idly powder is a delicious preparation of careful blends of lentils, spices and red chilies to give the right flavor and taste. It is very good combination for idlies, dosai, oothappam and even for adai.serve futuro's Idly powder with futuro's sesame oil.

Pepper Powder

Black Pepper powder is an incredibly popular Indian spice that is referred to as King of Spices. With carefully handpicked black peppers, grinded to perfection, Futuro Organic's Pepper Powder creates the perfect balance of peppery aroma and zesty flavor for your meal.

Rasam Powder

An all time favorite, easy and simple to make, age old recipe that tastes differently in each region, packed with wellness, goodness and fitness is this only South Indian dish RASAM. Each ingredient in this rasam helps you be healthier than ever. In Futuro's rasam powder fresh and organic ingredients were used , it is homemade with no added preservatives

Sambar Powder

Sambar Powder - A blend of spices that decorates the Indian cuisine. No meal is complete without Sambar amidst Indian Food Varieties and it is possible only with Futuro's sambar powder which is prepared by ingredients sourced directly from farmers

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder is the most common spice which is used in Curries. It provide warm and bitter taste. Vitamin - C is Contained in Turmeric . Ingredients : Raw Turmeric Uses :It is frequently used to color and flavour curry powders ,mustards , butters and cheeses. It is used for Headaches , Fever , Menstrual Problem, Itchy Skin and Cancers etc., In Tamil , Turmeric is known as "Manjal".